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About Spectra Precision Laser

The laser plane, created in 1964 by Robert Studebaker, modernized the liquid level. This laser plane combines mechanics, optics, and electronics to help civil engineers solve their problems more productivity. Spectra Precision has continued carrying on its legacy for over 55 years by maintaining excellent customer communication and expanding its catalog with durable tools like rotating, grade, horizontal, vertical, pipe, line & point, distance measuring lasers and distance measuring lasers built by professional engineers and other technical specialists. No need to worry about your return on investment value because Spectra Precision constantly competes to stay ahead of the game and is reliable when you need it.

Reliability of Spectra Precision

These products are specifically designed for busy construction environments. Reliability is a must when professionals are working hard and need to maintain productivity without mistakes or fearing their tools aren’t up to challenging work tasks. Spectra Precision lasers can withstand drops up to three feet onto concrete and can even handle brief immersion into water. Worried about temperatures negatively affecting these tools? They’ve got you covered because these products won’t be harmed in extreme weather conditions like humidity, heat, or cold. Spectra Precisions hires real-world experts who listen and learn what professionals need.