SKU: Spectra HV101GC-2

Spectra Precision Laser HV101GC-2 W/ Gr152 Gr Rod, Inch, Hr320 Rec, W/ C59, M101, Rc601



• HR320 Receiver
• Q104025 Tripod
• 15' Grade rod in Inches
• Wall Mount
• Ceiling Target
• RC601 Remote
• System Case

• Automatic Self Leveling
• Robust design
• Single Axis Manual Slope
• Height of Instrument Alert
• The Spectra HV101 laser level features four rotation speeds: 0, 50, 200, and 600 RPMs
• HV101 includes an RC601 remote control that offers scanning, speed, and alignment control for fast one person setups
• HV101 laser level can be mounted on a tripod either vertically or horizontally and includes a plumb reference point, making it perfect for acoustical ceiling and drywall installation
• HV101 is great for interior squaring, vertical, and 90-degree layout, along with any other indoor finishing work
• System Case allows easy transport of Instrument, receiver, tripod, and grade rod

• 3 Year Warranty
• 1/8" accuracy @100 ft
• Operating Diameter of 1150 Feet
• Self Leveling
• IP54
• 50 Hours of Battery Life
• Self Leveling +/- 5 degrees
• Horizontal/Vertical applications
• Remote will work up to 150 feet
• 90 degree layout