SKU: Spectra LT56

Spectra Precision Laser LT56 Universal Three Plane Laser Layout Tool



• Wall Mount
• Target
• Hard Case

• Level, horizontal and vertical layout, square, and plumb applications
• Accoustical ceiling installation
• Drywall and Track installation
• Building, layout, and squaring of interior walls
• Automatic Self Leveling
• Compensator Lock for easy transportation
• Horizontal plane and 2 vertical planes provide precise 90 degree layout grid with four cross line intersections
• Univeral mounting accessory fits all main ceiling track styles including shadow track

• 3 Year Warranty
• 80' working range
• 1/8" Accuracy@50 Feet
• IP54
• Water, mud, and shock resistant
• Able to withstand a 3 ft drop onto concrete