SKU: Spectra CR600

Spectra Precision Laser CR600 Combo Laser Receiver, W/C50 &C51



• (1) CR600 Combined Machine Control Laser Receiver
• (1) C51 Strong Magnetic Machine Mount
• (1) C50 Standard Staff Rod Clamp Bracket
• (2) AA Alkaline Batteries
• (1) User Manual
• (1) 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

• Five selectable accuracy levels
• Designed for general and site preparation contractors, the Spectra CR600 is an easy-to-use laser receiver for accurate measurement of elevations
• This laser detector can be either rod or machine mounted for a wide range of applications and includes a rod clamp and magnetic mount for use with an excavator
• The super bright red and green LED elevation indicators ensure high visibility in poor lighting conditions
• With its 15-channel linear display, the CR600’s high and low indicators allow the offset to the on-grade position to be directly measured
• The adjustable bandwidth lets you tighten the on-grade band to easily meet a variety of accuracy requirements with tighter tolerances from rough grading through form leveling
• Wraparound receiver cells with continuous pickup through a 270-degree operating range provide less dead spots and improved productivity for machine control applications
• The CR600 can be used as a handheld or rod mounted laser receiver for a wide range of applications, including measuring cut and fill, leveling forms and footers, setting grade and measuring elevation changes
• The CR600 can also be used for machine control with the magnetic mount for use on a backhoe, small excavator, box blade or skid steer loader

• 2 Year Warranty
• 100 hour battery life
• 4.5 Inch Detection Window
• 1 mm Accuracy
• IP66
• 270 degree reception window