SKU: Spectra HL700

Spectra Precision Laser HL700 Laserometer, Rod Clamp W/ Cir Vial & Univ Multi-Lang Op Man



• Rod Clamp

• The HL700 features digital readout of elevation that provides a numeric display of ±2 inches on its large front and rear LCDs
• The HL700 laser detector has simultaneous elevation LEDs that signal in low light and over a longer range for easier reading in poor light conditions
• Built-in anti-strobe sensor prevents false readings from light flashes for easier identification of true laser beam signals
• HL700 laser receiver also has a large 5-inch reception height that quickly acquires the beam and five dead band settings to meet all your jobsite requirements
• The HL700 features two clamp positions for cut and fill, while excavation mode puts more reception height and elevation information above grade for higher utilization in digging and staking applications
• The HL700 can withstand a drop of up to 10 feet high onto concrete
• Patented Technology
• Five accuracy levels
• Two clamp positions

• 3 Year Warranty
• 60 hour battery life
• 5 Inch Detection Height
• 1 mm Accuracy
• IP67
• 5 Inch Laser detection height
• 3.15 inch marking notch
• Dual LCD