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About Makita

Makita is a globally renowned power tools manufacturer, originating from Japan and founded by Mosaburo Makita in 1915. The company started as an electric motor sales and repair business, and over the years, it has evolved into a leading brand offering a wide range of corded and cordless power tools, as well as outdoor equipment, for both professional and DIY users. With a reputation for quality, innovation, and durability, Makita has become a household name in the power tools industry. The brand is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the demands of various sectors, including construction, woodworking, automotive, and garden maintenance.

Makita's extensive product lineup includes drills,impact drivers, saws,grinders,sanders, and many more tools designed to make work easier and more efficient. The brand has been particularly successful in its development of lithium-ion battery technology, which has propelled its cordless tools to the forefront of the market. Makita's LXT (Lithium-Ion Xtreme Technology) cordless tool system offers a seamless platform that allows users to interchange batteries across a vast range of products. This user-friendly approach, along with the company's focus on continuous research and development, helps to ensure that Makita remains a go-to brand for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, who value high-performance, reliable tools for their projects.

Makita LXT Tools Vs CXT Tools Vs XGT Tools

Makita has developed three distinct cordless power tool platforms to cater to different user needs and preferences: LXT, CXT, and XGT. Each platform has its unique features and benefits, designed to offer solutions for various applications and requirements.

LXT (Lithium-Ion Xtreme Technology) is Makita's most popular cordless tool platform, built around their 18V lithium-ion battery system. It boasts a wide range of power tools and accessories, with over 275 products in the lineup. The LXT system is designed for professionals and serious DIY enthusiasts who require high-performance tools for demanding applications. Its key advantages include fast charging times, longer battery life, and an efficient brushless motor technology that ensures optimal performance and extended tool life.

CXT (Compact Xtreme Technology) is a more compact and lightweight platform designed for lighter-duty applications and users who prioritize ergonomics and portability. The CXT system is built around 12V Max lithium-ion batteries, which are smaller and lighter than their 18V counterparts. This platform is ideal for users who require less powerful tools for smaller jobs, and it features a variety of power tools like drills, impact drivers, and saws. The CXT line offers the convenience of cordless tools without sacrificing power or runtime.

XGT (Next Generation Technology) is Makita's newest and most advanced cordless platform, designed to tackle heavy-duty applications and provide increased power, durability, and runtime. The XGT system is based on a 40V Max and 80V Max (using two 40V Max batteries) lithium-ion battery technology, delivering more power and longer runtime than the LXT platform. XGT is designed for professionals who require top-tier performance, and it includes advanced features such as brushless motors, smart communication between the tool and battery, and improved durability. This platform is suitable for tasks that typically require corded or gas-powered tools.