TALKABOUT T470 Series Walkie Talkies

The TALKABOUT T470 is the rugged travel companion you need. With an IPX4 rating, the T470 is weatherproof, able to withstand harsh environments. A built-in LED flashlight makes it possible to get where you need to in the dark. With a range of up to 35 miles* and the freedom to communicate wirelessly, the T470 won't slow you down.

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Motorola 53866 Earbud with Clip Push-To-Talk Microphone

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Motorola RLN6175A Charging Tray For Rdx
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About Motorola

Motorola isn't just about products but solving real-world safety challenges. The company is dedicated to creating technologies that contribute to safer communities, construction sites, warehouses, schools, hospitals, stadiums, and every space where safety is paramount. For Motorola, safety is not just a goal; it's the prerequisite for unlocking possibilities. The commitment is rooted in the belief that we all perform at our best when we feel secure.

At the core of Motorola lies creating a comprehensive safety and security ecosystem, seamlessly integrating technologies to protect people, property, and places. This encourages collaboration between public safety agencies and businesses, recognizing the strength of uniting people and technology for a safer world. Specializing in critical communications excellence, Motorola makes devices and networks for harsh, rugged conditions, prioritizing connectivity and clear communication in urgent situations, backed by nearly a century of safety and security expertise.

Who Motorola Serves

Serving diverse industries from manufacturing to oil & gas, Motorola's impact spans sectors, ensuring safety across various fields. With a rich history from 1930, they've consistently innovated, from the first car radio for public safety to the groundbreaking 4-watt 16-channel water-resistant 2-way business radio with an LED indicator in 2007. Motorola doesn't just build products; it crafts crucial solutions impacting safety, innovation, and communication in critical situations.