SKU: Motorola PMLN7136

Motorola PMLN7136 DLR Series 12Volts 12-Pocket Multi-Unit Battery Charging Tray for DLR Series



• (1) Multi-Unit Charger

• Compact design makes the Motorola PMLN7136 Battery Charger a great add-on accessory if you are tight on space.
• The battery charger is sleek in design and can hold 12 Motorola CLS and DLR Series two-way radios.
• 12-pocket charger cloning station
• Charge up to 12 radios simultaneously or 6 radios and 6 batteries
• Clones radios - Duplicate radio configuration from one radio to many
• 100-240V 50/60Hz 1A
• 4' Powercord (US plug)

Motorola PMLN7136 Battery Charger- 12-Pocket Cloning Station- use with Motorola CLS and DLR Series