SKU: Spectra DG613

Spectra Precision Laser DG613 Pipe Laser, Trivet Plate, RC803 Remote, NiMh Battery



• (1) DG613 Pipe Laser
• (1) 1248 Trivet Plate
• (1) RC803 Remote
• (1) 956 Target
• (1) NIMH Battery Pack
• (1) Charger
• (1) Case

• Self-leveling range from -12% to +40%
• ±10 arc second accuracy
• Fully-compensated cross axis
• The DG613 pipe laser works over a distance of 500 feet using the RC803 remote control, providing full operation in a single set-up task
• The remote control provides full function control and utilizes infra-red light inside the pipe and enables radio communication up to a distance of 430 feet
• The cross axis is fully compensated to provide fast set up that the laser will accurately level without adjusting the bottom of the invert
• The DG613 boasts functions such as line centering, line set, and line alert which simplify setting and resetting the vertical line or even the grade on its display
• Large LCD display and color-coded keypad

• 5 Year Warranty
• ±10 arc second accuracy
• Range up to 430 feet above and 500 feet inside pipes
• Fully-compensated cross axis
• IP68
• Line scan and line alert features