Stud Master


The Stud Master series by Talon Tools USA- the ultimate solution for fast and precise framing to keep the job moving forward. Engineered for accuracy, durability, and comfort, the Stud Master eliminates the fatigue of on-center framing for all sizes. With features like its ergonomic grip to reduce hand strain and versatile design, the Stud Master streamlines framing projects 47% faster for professionals and DIYers. To match every need, Stud Master has available options of 12", 16", and 24" center spacing.

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Stud Master

The Stud-Master Framing Tool for wood studs, made in the USA, embodies the innovation of homebuilders for both professional framers and DIY enthusiasts. This series sets a new standard for efficiency in construction. Available in three popular sizes - 16″, 24″, and 12″ on center - it caters to the needs of seasoned professionals and DIYers alike.Engineered with precision and constructed from high-quality materials, the Stud-Master revolutionizes framing with its speed, accuracy, and durability, bidding farewell to hand fatigue with its ergonomic grip. This versatile tool streamlines framing tasks, saving time and effort across projects.

Building Better with Stud Master

Designed to simplify a range of framing tasks such as home wall and roof framing, barn and shop framing, deck framing, and more, Stud Masters are versatile tools crafted to ease the burden for carpenters, professional framers, cabinet makers, builders, and beyond. Whether you're tackling the construction of a new home or engaged in a DIY project, the Stud Master Framing Tool stands as your reliable ally, promising precision and efficiency in every frame. Stud-Master's exceptional performance and user-friendly design make it an asset for all framing projects. In particular, the Stud-Master 16 and 24 models showcase versatility by effortlessly aligning and securing floor trusses and can fix a twisted stud. As America's #1 Framing Tool, it enables you to start framing 47% faster, streamlining your workflow and delivering exceptional results.