SKU: Ridgid 23697

RIDGID 23697 K-1500B 115 Volt Low-Profile B-Frame Sectional Drain Cleaning Machine with Accessories



  • 710 RPM
  • 3/4 HP Motor
  • 115V
  • (1) K-1500B Sectional Machine
  • (1) A-1 Drain Cleaning Mitt
  • (1) A-12 Pin Key
  • (1) A-34-12 Rear-Guide Hose

K1500B Drain Cleaning Machine is the finest all-around sewer and drain cleaning machine. One man can easily clean the heaviest blockages – indoors or out. High-speed cleaning gets the job done faster...better. There is a unique, easy-to-use, instant-acting cable clutch maximizes the operators control such as the pull handle down, cable spins at constant 710 RPM and the release handle frees cable instantly and no overrun to loop or break cable. It wheels to the job site and sets up and cleans up fast. The low-profile B-frame design will fit most crawl spaces, loads and unloads from truck easily.