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About Pyramex

With over 30 years of commitment and 3,500 distributors spanning 65 countries, they’re not just about safety; they’re about making your life on the job easier.

Founded in 1991, they’ve become a global leader in safety products, delivering innovation, style, and, most importantly, an attitude of making your work life smoother.

Pyramex prioritizes product safety by adhering to and surpassing industry standards set by organizations like ANSI, CE, and CSA. The Z87.1 standard from ANSI defines occupational eye and face protection devices. For the European market, the CE symbol signifies rigorous testing and compliance with harmonized standards. Similarly, the UKCA symbol denotes adherence to designated standards in the United Kingdom. Specific to each region, these standards ensure that Pyramex products meet the protection criteria of diverse eye, face, hand, head, and workwear.

Why Pyramex Safety Equipment Stands Out

Pyramex Safety has earned its status as the top choice for professionals globally, establishing itself as a leading force in the safety industry. Renowned for its commitment to delivering innovative and stylish product lines, Pyramex stands out for its craftsmanship, surpassing the standards expected by technicians. The brand's dedication to quality is evident in its robust materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes, ensuring resilience in the face of the toughest tasks while maintaining prolonged durability.

Pyramex emphasizes user safety, incorporating advanced features and ergonomic designs that reduce the risk of accidents and enhance comfort during extended use.

Choosing Pyramex means opting for a legacy of excellence, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to safety. Pyramex is the preferred choice for professionals navigating challenging work environments, providing safety equipment that meets and exceeds expectations.