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Current Tools 450 1/2" Thru 2" PVC Heater
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Current Tools 452 1/2" Thru 6" PVC Heater
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Current Tools 33 High Speed 3000# Cable Puller w/Cart
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About Current Tools

Current Tools, headquartered in Upstate Greenville, South Carolina, is a leading manufacturer of tools tailored for electrical contractors. Boasting a diverse product line of over 100 offerings, including cable pullers, conduit benders, and knockout sets, they've established a reputation for quality and versatility.

What sets Current Tools apart is their commitment to customer service. With almost every product crafted on-site, a fully staffed team of engineers guarantees accuracy and dependability. Unlike many competitors, reaching Current Tools means connecting with a real person, whether you're a potential customer with inquiries or a contractor facing challenges on a tight deadline.

Since its founding in 1999, Current Tools has remained steadfast in its mission to provide professional electricians with top-notch tools at reasonable prices, a commitment reflected in its years of community involvement, high customer satisfaction rates, and a growing network of distributors. Current Tools maintains a commitment to quality and longevity. In an era where manufacturing often moves overseas, they're standing firm, keeping their operations in the United States.

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When considering your tool needs, opting to shop for Current Tools with us at Toolup is grounded in reliability, variety, and efficiency. At Toolup, we ensure that each Current Tool reflects the high standards professionals demand, emphasizing durability and performance. Our broad selection allows technicians to find the right equipment to suit their requirements. The expert guidance provided by Toolup's knowledgeable team facilitates informed decisions, ensuring you get the tools best suited for your job. Moreover, Toolup offers competitive pricing, recognizing the significance of cost-effectiveness in the electrical industry. The commitment to efficient service from browsing to delivery makes Toolup a go-to destination for those seeking quality tools with a seamless shopping experience.