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Exploring the RIDGID SeeSnake Mini: The Best Choice for Narrow Pipes

As a plumber or technician, you know that diagnosing and fixing problems in hard-to-reach areas can be a real challenge.

If you’re just like Goldilocks, and looking for that happy medium sewer inspection camera, then the RIDGID SeeSnake Mini Camera is for you. You get the best of both worlds with a moderately stiff push cable diameter in a light, compact package with all the features of TruSense technology. Most importantly, this model’s camera head is 1.18”, hence the “mini” in the name, meaning this camera can navigate pipes that others can’t.

This pipe inspection camera is perfect for inspecting 1.5" to 8" (40 mm to 200 mm) main laterals and 90-degree bends since it can move easily while retaining a respectable level of rigidity. All you have to do is let SeeSnake do the work, and you can focus on providing your customers with a faster, trouble-free service.

Let’s start with everything about the RIDGID SeeSnake Mini.

Get to Know the RIDGID SeeSnake Mini: The Ultimate Sewer Camera Inspection Tool

As a professional in your field, you know how valuable it is to have quality products that can withstand the trials of the job. Along with the durability of these products, you are aware of the importance of tools being easily moved from one place to another without putting a heavy burden on your back.

The RIDGID SeeSnake Mini with TruSense is the ultimate sewer camera inspection tool, as it can handle the hostile environment within plumbing systems while being highly technologically advanced.

RIDGID SeeSnake Camera reels have been the best diagnostic systems on the market for the past 25 years. This robust self-leveling model offers 18 LEDs while the standard features 6, providing outstanding in-pipe vision.

Size matters when it comes to the camera heads, and the SeeSnake mini measures a diameter of 25mm (1 in) and a length of 18mm (0.7in). It goes where other sewer cameras can’t. With the smoothest leveling feature in the industry and a mid-stiffness level of 200’, you’ll get the job done in no time using RIDGID’s SeeSnake Mini.

Why the SeeSnake Mini with TruSense is an Industry Game-changer

The plumbing industry has dramatically changed thanks to the RIDGID SeeSnake Mini with TruSense. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies that improve its accuracy, speed, and overall performance, this innovative tool has raised the bar for sewer inspection to entirely new heights.

As mentioned above, the SeeSnake mini camera goes where other cameras can’t. Though it has decreased in size, its power elevated. The HDR is superior in comparison to others in the industry. This feature offers plumbers advanced visuals in:

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Detail

Along with HDR, the self-leveling and TiltSense inclinometer is paving the way for significantly increased productivity for plumbers. The mid-flex cable is designed to navigate challenging 90-degree bends effortlessly. With no moving parts to maintain an upright picture and the ability to see the camera angle within the pipe, the time it takes to inspect has dropped.

The SeeSnake Mini is making its mark across the industry, with real-world plumbers praising its quality and efficiency. Look at Bob Baker, owner of Baker Plumbing, established in Calgary, Alberta. He gave Plumbermag an interview about the risks and benefits of growing a small business into a big business and then small again.

He mentioned the tool that helped him get back on track after starting over was investing in technology. Baker says, “Embracing new technology is critical to success. It not only improves productivity, it can open up new markets as well as make a business a one-stop shop for customers” and with pride continued that the company relies heavily upon RIDGID products, including the RIDGID SeeSnake mini inspection camera.

Not surprisingly, the SeeSnake mini has become the go-to choice for plumbing technicians across the industry, given its cost-effectiveness and durability.

The Features of the SeeSnake Mini with TruSense: What Sets It Apart from the Rest

Check out RIDGID’s short informational video on the SeeSnake Mini. RIDGID quickly goes through the features of this tool and shows each component in the system, allowing you to have a clear vision of what to expect when buying this machine.

RIDGID has made improvements with the SeeSnake Mini. This sewer camera offers advanced technology like TruSense and HDR imaging to provide you with what you need to work on the most demanding jobs.

A frequent issue with pipe inspection in locations with little convenience or small places is that it can be tiring and inconvenient to haul big, bulky machines around. Typical job site equipment takes up a great deal of space, leaving little room for you to maneuver around.

With RIDGID, you say jump, and they say how high. Do you need a SeeSnake camera that can handle sharp 90-degree angles? TheSeeSnake Mini is for you.

Conquer Tight Bends with Ease:

For testing those 1.5 to 8-inch (38 to 203 mm) lines, the RIDGID SeeSnake Mini reel is the ideal equipment. With a substantial 200 feet (61 meters) of push cable, it isn't lacking.

This cable means business, reinforced with fiberglass for extra strength. It has just the right amount of flex to snake through those tight 90° bends but still has enough stiffness to push the camera head over long distances.

Now, let’s fill you in on the FleXmitter sonde. This technology is cutting-edge when finding critical points in the pipe. With its long, powerful antennae, these sondes aren't fooling around. They can reliably locate the camera's underground location.

Don't worry; despite the FleXmitter sonde’s immense strength, it’s nevertheless adaptable enough to manage those sharp 90° turns.

TruSense technology: The heart of the SeeSnake Mini 63628

This innovative sewer camera system offers advanced features to assist plumbing technicians during pipe inspections.

A TiltSense Inclinometer component, for instance, measures the camera's angle, allowing technicians to see the line area more precisely and quickly identify:

  • Clogs
  • Blockages
  • Pipe damage

The camera pitch can be read on the CSx series Wi-Fi-connected monitors, enhancing the accuracy of the inspection process and saving time.

Additionally, the system is equipped with high-intensity LEDs that produce amazing video monitor images and HDR technology that provides superior clarity and detail, making it easier for technicians to diagnose issues quickly and accurately.

By enabling the seamless sharing of video and image footage with homeowners, third-party groups, and other professionals, the HQx Live Mobile App enhances communication throughout the network.

TruSense technology comes in both self-leveling and non-self-leveling options. It uses digital self-leveling to create a static image in the center of the pipe, keeping the main point focused and unmoving.

Finally, the FleXmitter SONDE is a flexible, ergonomic device that helps technicians locate the camera's exact location, even in tight lines.

The RIDGID SeeSnake mini with TruSense addresses common problems that plumbing technicians encounter during pipe inspections, such as:

  • Clogs
  • Blockages
  • Grease or mold buildup
  • Pipe structure issues
  • Tree root intrusions

Compact Design: Small but Mighty

You may be familiar with the SeeSnake Standard, but are you familiar with the SeeSnake Mini from RIDGID? It is a handy portable camera reel from the SeeSnake line of diagnostic tools.

The mini comes with a 200-foot push cable that is strengthened with fiberglass and is ideal for inspecting lines that are 1.5 in. to 8 in. wide. This cable is stiff enough to move the camera head far distances and flexible enough to pass through sharp bends.

You need convenient equipment to get the job done faster. While the RIDGID SeeSnake Standard reel frame is 32" (81 cm), the SeeSnake mini downsizes. With a reel diameter of 20" (51 cm), you’ll have more space to work in cramped environments.

This SeeSnake mini system is easily transferable from job to job. When dealing with difficult areas with little space, this sewer camera is more compact than the standard version, giving you some breathing room. We all know how uncomfortable tight spaces can be, so why have a tool that contributes to the problem?

The RIDGID SeeSnake Mini’s design is made with you in mind.

The Benefits of the SeeSnake Mini 63628

Whether on a roof or in a small bathroom, this mini sewer camera perfectly balances comfort and ruggedness. Its benefits are attributed mainly to its smaller and lighter size than the standard RIDGID SeeSnake. Though the standard is a powerful tool, sometimes you need a more compact system to maneuver around tight spaces while maintaining the same functionality.

Here are the top five benefits of using the SeeSnake Mini:

  1. Shorter setup times
  2. Easier installation for pipe inspection
  3. A more comprehensive range of work areas
  4. Prevent back strain and injury
  5. Improved efficiency and productivity

Each of these things helps save you time and money because of the breakdown of costs that go into a time-consuming setup for a job. You want to start and finish in a reasonable time to travel to the next appointment, and to do that; you need efficient tools that won’t strain you or your employees. Easy to use, easy to move, and easy to fix.

Where and How You Can Use the SeeSnake Mini 63628

A job site can be almost anywhere and in any condition when you are working in the plumbing industry. Each day is different; we need tools and equipment that should be dependable in rugged, rough environments.

RIDGID SeeSnake cameras are built to withstand everyday use's rough and tough beating. The SeeSnake mini can be used in places where standard, heavy, and bulky machines can’t go.

This compact design allows you to take it virtually anywhere, including but not limited to:

  • Rooftops
  • Small spaces
  • Cluttered bathrooms with little surface area
  • Farms/ranches with choppy land

The RIDGID SeeSnake mini camerawith TruSense goes anywhere you need it.

The struggle of hauling equipment onto a roof is long gone. Unlike traditional leveling, where the picture constantly moves back and forth due to the weights, digital self-leveling keeps the image still. With new and improved tools such as this, you have everything in one space.

Each part of the SeeSnake is simplified to your needs. The camera, monitor, and cable reel all work with each other to improve stability and visibility. Everything connects, so you only have to move the cable reel.

Cluttered bathrooms are common, and this small design lets you set the sewer camera up regardless of the space available.

If the floor is uneven, lay the SeeSnake on its side for better stability. Keep the reel standing if you have little room; either way works. RIDGID created this mini-device to accommodate all types of plumbing situations and you.

Now let’s look at how to use the RIDGID SeeSnake Mini…

How to Use The RIDGID SeeSnake Mini

Using the RIDGID SeeSnake Mini with TruSense is relatively easy. You don’t need a tool that takes several minutes to set up. Instead, you need something that is easily accessible and can quickly be lifted into the desired location and turned on to begin working.

After all, time is money.

Setting up and using the SeeSnake mini is very similar to their other models, as each one tends to have the same start-up process to help streamline the directions. This way, if you own one model and buy another, there is not a huge difference that you need to learn.

Here's how to efficiently use the RIDGID SeeSnake camera in 5 steps:

Step 1: Set up the RIDGID SeeSnake camera

  • Connect the camera to the cable and ensure the reel is attached to the monitor

Important Make sure you have the correct monitor for the RIDGID SeeSnake Mini to pair it with to deliver those critical inspection reports to your customers. As mentioned before, all RIDGID cameras mostly align and work together. The Mini works with any SeeSnake monitor to record and distribute inspections. But, if you’re looking for even more convenience, pair it with a SeeSnake CSx series Wi-Fi-enabled monitor. That way, you can deliver professional multimedia reports to your customers quickly and easily.

Step 2: Power on the camera

  • Power it on to view the images on the monitor
    • The Power on button will be on the control panel

Every RIDGID SeeSnake sewer camera with TruSense technology has the same features, controls, and operating systems.

Step 3: Insert the camera into the sewer line

  • Insert the RIDGID SeeSnake camera head into it by turning the reel handle
    • Don't push or tug the cord; monitor the footage to identify any problems

Important If you are on uneven ground or at a slant, make sure to place the reel on its side to ensure you have it better stabilized. It's important to ensure that the RIDGID SeeSnake camera reel drum can spin freely. If the reel is placed in a position that can't spin properly, you risk over-winding the cable, which could lead to property damage and even serious injury.

Step 4: View the live footage on the monitor

  • Download HQx Live Compansion App or connect USB to monitor
    • Use the free HQx Live companion app for streaming inspections to your iOS or Android device to connect in real time with the footage

Step 5: Remove the camera from the line and watch the footage

  • After finishing the inspection, retract the cable and camera to the reel
    • Be sure to avoid tugging the cord roughly.
  • Wipe down the cord with a rag to prevent debris buildup

Important emember to avoid using excessive force when retracting and inserting the cable, especially if you fed long lengths of the cable into the pipe. With the RIDGID SeeSnake mini with TruSense camera, inspecting lines and identifying problems is simple and efficient. You can easily use this mini version of the Standard RIDGID SeeSnake to conquer tough jobs with restricted space.

Keeping your RIDGID SeeSnake Mini in Tip-Top Shape

When using theRIDGID SeeSnake Mini with TruSense, it is important to take good care of the camera head and push cable to ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

Camera head

Once you've pulled the cable and camera from the line, do not be overly concerned with scratches that may appear on the surface of the camera head. Scratches on the camera head should not impact its performance. Avoid scraping or sanding tools to remove any scratches. Instead, try to carefully handle the camera head and use it to minimize potential damage.

Cable maintenance

As for the push cable, it's crucial to run a rag over it and visually inspect it for cuts and abrasions after each use. That’s why cleaning it while you reel it back in is suggested.

If you notice any signs of damage to the outer jacket, it's best to replace or repair the push cable before using it again to avoid further damage or potential malfunctions.

By taking care of the camera head and push cable, you can extend the life of your RIDGID SeeSnake Mini with TruSense and ensure that it continues to deliver reliable and accurate results for your sewer inspections for years to come.

Why Should You Use the RIDGID SeeSnake Mini with TruSense?

This affordable RIDGID SeeSnake Mini with TruSense tool is an essential asset for every plumbing technician in the field.

It’s designed with the following:

  • Excellent visibility
  • Flexible durability and size
  • Efficient ability to diagnose problems

To stay on top of your work, you need equipment that will last you years to come while also being able to quickly take it places and set it up with zero stress.

As you know, RIDGID SeeSnake camera reels have been the leading diagnostic systems in the industry for 25 years and counting. With a desire to help and listen to the customer, this specific model was created for you.

Shaped around actual plumbing inspection conditions, the SeeSnake mini is the best option for those needing something smaller than the standard models.

If working on the roof is common, this SeeSnake product should be in your toolbox.

Unlike other inspection tools, this one is compact enough to carry onto the roof with little to no effort and stabilize itself on its side, so you don’t need to hold it. This frees up your hands to look at the live video footage provided by TruSense technology and feed the cable into the pipe. Roof scenarios can be complicated and time-consuming.

Whether the pipe is corroded from weather wear and tear or clogged from bird nests or leaves, don’t let a bulky, heavy machine stand in your way.

Work efficiently using this device and alleviate customer frustration with professional and accurate images. By lightening the load of your toolbox and having high-tech equipment, you can easily create a safer yet easier work environment.

Elevating Inspection Standards: The Unparalleled Performance of the RIDGID SeeSnake Mini Camera

The RIDGID SeeSnake Mini is a sewer camera that provides an easy, efficient, and cost-effective way to inspect pipes. This camera system is equipped with TruSense technology that allows users to measure accurately and document pipe conditions. It also has various features such as live streaming, recording, playback, and image capture.

With the RIDGID SeeSnake Mini, you can quickly inspect pipes for blockages or other issues to make informed decisions about repairs or replacements. The camera is compact and lightweight, ideal for tight spaces or long distances. It also has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for anyone, from professionals to DIYers. Whether you need to inspect residential or commercial pipes, the RIDGID SeeSnake Mini is the perfect choice for any job!

RIDGID SeeSnake Mini Frequently Asked Questions:

Do the RIDGID SeeSnake models have a Lifetime warranty?

  • Yes. RIDGID provides you with a lifetime warranty

How much does the RIDGID SeeSnake Model weigh?

  • This RIDGID SeeSnake MINI model weighs (without monitor) 24.5 lbs. (11,1 kg)
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