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SKU: ZipWall ZP4

ZipWall ZP4 Spring Loaded Pole 4-Pack Kit with Carry Bag



• Four 10' dust barrier poles
• Four heads
• Four plates
• Four GripDisk™ non-slip pads
• Two standard zippers
• One carry bag

• Spring-loaded design for quick, easy, and safe setup
• Strong and lightweight stainless steel construction
• Telescope up to 10′ 3″ (from 4′ 2″)
• Innovative non-skid, non-marking head and plate
• Each pole weighs just 1.5 lb
• GripDisks™ prevent sliding on smooth floors
• Work with positive and negative air
• Help comply with the EPA RRP rule

• Shipping Weight: 9.4 lb
• Shipping Dimensions: 50.25" x 5" x 3.5"

Four spring-loaded poles secure a dust barrier up to 10 feet high and 30 feet wide, or add them to your existing ZipWall® system. This kit includes four poles with parts, two self-adhesive standard zippers with flap hooks, and a carry bag. It is a perfect ZipWall® starter kit. ZipWall® 10 spring-loaded, stainless steel dust barrier poles are strong and lightweight, telescope up to 10 feet high and twist to lock. They are an ideal dust protection solution for residential remodeling, renovation, and repair work. Contractors and DIY home owners alike find these poles easy to use, easy to store, and a significant time saver. Quick & easy to set up — no ladders, no tape, no damage!