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Zipwall ZP2 10 Steel Spring Loaded Poles, 2-Pack



• No damage to finished surfaces
• Create a 10’ barrier with one person in under 1 minute
• Contains 2 ZipPoles and parts
• Carry Bag can store up to 12 ZipPoles

• Height ranges from 4 feet 2 inches to 10 feet 3 inches, accepts sheeting up to 8 mils thick
• ZipPoles are black powder coat finished and weigh just 1.5lbs each
• One year warranty

Each ZipWall® ZipPole™ 2 Pack, ZP2 contains 2 steel Spring Loaded ZipPoles™ and accessories.

At close to half the price of our original aluminum Spring Loaded poles, the ZP2 2-Pack is a the ideal low cost solution for contractors, maintenance crews, home owners or DIY enthusiasts. Made of steel for durability and strength, ZipPole™ steel poles weigh just 1.5 lbs yet can support a load up to 80 lbs. The height can be adjusted from 4’2” to 10’3”. These high-quality poles can handle sheeting up to eight mils thick and should be placed every 8' to 10' or closer if there is a lot of air movement.

The ZipWall® system means fast easy installation. A 30 foot long 9 foot high barrier takes 1 hour to build using conventional methods. With the ZipPole™ 4-Pack system, the same dust barrier can be completed by one person in under 5 minutes. And since no tape or staples are used, costly repairs to painted surfaces are eliminated.

The ZipWall® Dust Barrier System is patented and has many advantages over conventional methods. The twist-locking pole lets you raise the sheeting without a ladder. The non-skid, non-marking material at the top grabs the ceiling, while the non-skid GripDisk under the foot keeps the pole locked in position at the floor. Spring Loading lets you lift the pole to tuck the sheeting underneath for easy setup. It also maintains constant tension on the barrier, to compensate for movement at the ceiling or at the floor if the poles are bumped, or if there is a lot of air movement.

All ZipWall poles are ideal for dropped ceilings. Spring Loading automatically adjusts the pole height to compensate for any movement of the grid during setup. Just place the poles so the tops push against the grid, then follow the grid until you’ve contained the area.