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TENRYU's steel cutting carbide tipped saw blades for industry.

Cut steel faster, cleaner and easier. Save time, money and the environment.

TENRYU's complete series of steel cutting saw blades called "Steel-Pro" make light work out of all kinds of mild steel: steel studs, steel sheet, steel pipe, channel, threaded rod and much, much more.

Specially formulated C-6 carbide grade resists breakage on impact and lasts longer-much longer than standard carbides or abrasive discs.

Special tooth geometry with "inserted" tooth design greatly improves efficiency and durability.

Abrasive discs throw sparks and lots of dust, the Steel-Pro blades reduce spark production and eliminate abrasive wheel dust.

Abrasive discs wear quickly, requiring frequent blade changes. Steel-Pro blades allow you to keep working, eliminating down time for frequent blade changes. In addition, Steel-Pro cuts much faster.

Abrasive discs leave a burr at the cutting edge that must be removed later - the Steel-Pro blades cut clean, eliminating this after cut process.

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