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SKU: Southwire 60020S

Southwire 60020S Type-K Temperature Clamp



• (1) 60020S Pipe clamp temperature probe and banana plug adapter

• Works with any multimeter or clamp meter that accepts a Type K temperature probe.
• Spring loaded jaw clamps around heating or cooling pipe.
• Fits pipes from 0.25 to 1.5 inches (6.4 to 38mm)

• Range: -4° to 200°F (-20° to 93°C)
• Accuracy: ±3.6F/1.8C
• Pipe Size: 0.25” to 1.5” (6.4 to 38mm)
• Cable Length: 36” (0.9m)
• Height: 5.75 in
• Length: 3.35 in
• Width: 1.38 in
• Weight: 0.31lb

Type K Temperature Clamp The 60020S Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe allows quick maintenance checks on heating and air-conditioning systems. It's the perfect accessory for clamp meters and multimeters with a temperature function.