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Part Number: RS1PLT UPC: 757033041752 Weight: 0.8



• Ratchet shears with hardened steel blades are ideal for cutting PVC, PE, PP, PEX, and ABS pipe

• For CPVC, use the RS1PLT, RS7290, or RSP1 ratchet shears because of blade thinness and finish

• RSP1 also cuts PVDF

• One-hand models RS1 and RS1PLT offer a 7-step ratchet mechanism for best mechanical advantage and smoothest operation

• RS1PLT is unique with a corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated, steel blade

• Pointed blade in one-hand model RSP1 helps start the cut in tough plastics such as CPVC, and helps avoid bounce in thin wall material

• The two-hand RS2 features 2” capacity, extra wide, v-style jaws for easy alignment, and long handles for leverage on tough-to-cut pipe

• RS7290 one-hand style, 2” capacity ratchet shears cut PE, PVC, and CPVC pipe used in gas, water, plumbing, and industrial applications, as do the other ratchet shears

• All ratchet shears’ blades can be easily sharpened or replaced, enhancing performance and saving money

• These tools are not disposable and perform better, longer, and for less money over the tool’s lifetime

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