SKU: ProLube 44842

ProLube 44842 Grease Gun Holder, Heavy Duty



• Grease gun holder fits 2.25" (57mm) standard grease gun barrels as well as 63.5mm barrels more popular in Australia and New Zealand
• Heavy duty holder designed specifically for use on farm and constrcution equipment, trailers, tractors, and other high vibration environments
• For use with light and self-collapsing grease up to and including NLGI 2
• Heavy duty spring along the length of the holder mitigates vibration to ensure the safety of equipment
• Can be used to hold grease guns or other tools

Sturdy steel grease gun holder can be mounted on the most damaging of environments, such as mobile farm and construction equipment. Primarily used to hold grease guns with a standard 2.25" (57mm) barrel diameter, this snap clamp can hold a 63.5mm barrel as well. In addition, many other tools can be held by the holder. All-steel construction makes the holder as sturdy as they come.