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• (5) Sawzall Blade


• Optimized to be a true demolition blade for cutting nail enbedded wood, plastics, and metals.

• Hardened teeh for increased life in nail embedded wood and thick metals.

• 7/11 TPI for a wide material variety to be true demolition blades.

• New blade profile with the ability to bend and maintain its shape.

• Nail protecting feature built into the tooth design.

• Aggressive tooth and blade design for increased speed in woods and metals.

• Blade profile optimized for fast plunging.


• Length: 9"

• Height: 1"

• Width: 0.050"

The Next Generation Wrecker is designed for Multi-Material demolition cutting. This mean it has the capability of cutting nail embedded wood, plastics and a variety of metals. This blade has 25% more high speed steel for increase life and durability. With all of these features, the Next Generation Wrecker is a true demoliton blade for the professional user.

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