SKU: Milwaukee 2779-22

Milwaukee 2779-22 M18™ FORCELOGIC™ 750 MCM Crimper



• M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 750 MCM Crimper (2779-20)
• M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC 5.0 Battery (48-11-1850)
• M18™ REDLITHIUM CP 2.0 Battery (48-11-1820)
• M18™ & M12™ Multi-Voltage Charger (48-59-1812)
• Carrying Case with Slots for Dies (42-55-2778)

• Easiest Alignment- Most Balanced with Ergonomic Grip Design
• Bold Alignment Marks aid accuracy in crimp placement
• PFM™ (Predictive Force Monitoring) with Auto Complete Ensures Full Pressure
• PFM™ (Predictive Force Monitoring) Provides Instant Pressure Verification with Green Indicator
• Pre-Crimp Battery Check Automatically Ensures Enough Charge to Complete Each Crimp
• Best Protection Against Outside Elements- Sealed Electronics
• OneKey Enabled: Tracking, Tool Mgmt, Tool Reporting, Inventory Mgmt.
• Fastest Connection when using Milwaukee EXACT 12T Dies
• Broadest UL Classification w/ Connectors

• 3lbs Lighter than competition!
• 350 Degree Rotating Head for Easy Access
• LED Worklight
• Hydraulic System Optimized for Wide Range of Temperatures: 0 - 122 Degrees
• All competitive 12T "U Dies" are compatible however The Crimper is UL Classified with Milwaukee EXACT 12T U Style Dies.
• 2779-20 Crimper and EXACT 12T U Dies Produce UL Classified Connections Across all Major Connector Manufacturers
• Great With: Milwaukee EXACT 12T U-Style Dies
• Max Capacity: #8 AWG to 750 MCM for both Copper and Aluminum
• Milwaukee EXACT 600 MCM Dies will fit the 12T Crimper but will require a different number of crimps… See
• Run Time: 50+ Crimps with the M18 2.0 Compact Battery and over 100+ with the M18 5.0
• NOT Eligible for 30 Day Satisfaction Return
• Service Option: Milwaukee E-Service Program
• Recommended Calibration: Required at 20,000 cycles. The One-Key reporting feature will show you at all times if the tool is applying the correct force.
• Battery Compatability: All M18 RedLithium Packs

The M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 750 MCM Crimper is the Easiest Way to Crimp, producing cULus classified crimps according to the UL 486A-B classification standards for #8 - 750 MCM Cu and Dual Rated Anderson, Blackburn® Burndy, Ilsco, Panduit, Penn-Union and Thomas & Betts Connectors. Milwaukee® EXACT™ 12T U-Style Dies are individually engineered both for quality crimps and for faster connections on all sizes with die lengths specific to each connector. In addition, every EXACT™ 12T U-Style Die features vivid industry standard colors to indicate wire size and center alignment markings for easiest die selection and die alignment. All dies also eliminate cross referencing by imprinting the wire size onto completed connectors and are the only dies that are 100% serialized and measured for greatest accuracy and easiest inspection. Engineered to reduce weight and improve balance, the M18 FORCE LOGIC™ 750 MCM Crimper is up to three pounds lighter, fully balanced, with a 350° rotating head and red alignment marks making it the Lightest, Most Balanced and Easiest Crimper to Align. Predictive Force Monitoring (PFM™) constantly measures force output to deliver consistent speed that won’t bog down on larger connectors while delivering accurate pressure, every time. The only tool that provides instant pressure verification with a green indicator. The only tool that has pre-crimp battery check that automatically ensures enough battery charge to complete each crimp. The only tool that once a crimp is engaged, has auto-complete to ensure full pressure is reached. Milwaukee® Crimpers feature a fully enclosed high speed hydraulic pump, POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor, REDLINK™ Electronics and REDLITHIUM™ batteries delivering up to 2X longer life and Ultimate Reliability in tough conditions. Featuring Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ Technology, Milwaukee® Crimpers enable you to store real time crimp data, generate professional reports, view historical tool performance data and sync it all wirelessly to the cloud for easy access. Like all ONE KEY™ tools Milwaukee® Crimpers feature tool tracking, allowing you to pinpoint missing tools quicker and inventory management, which creates a central place for you to track all tools and equipment across your network of jobs and users. The kit includes (1) M18™ 5.0 REDLITHIUM™ Battery, (1) M18™ 2.0 REDLITHIUM™ Battery, (1) M18™ and M12™ Multi-Voltage Charger and a carrying case that can accommodate 15 sets of EXACT™ 12T U-Style dies.