SKU: Klein 60

Klein 60 Klein-Koat Tenite Pliers Handles



• (1) Pair of Replacement Pliers Handles

• Provide slip-resistant grip and comfort
• Tenite-plastic grips for 6-Inch (152 mm) pliers handles
• To install, place open end of grip in hot tap water to within one inch of plugged end for approximately one minute. Drive grip onto pliers handle.
• Provide comfort and resist slipping

• Size to Fit Pliers: 6" (15.2 cm) Long
• Color: Red
• Weight: 0.80 oz (22.7 g)

These Tenite-plastic grips handles provide comfort and resist slipping. Use hot tap water to fit these to an existing pair of 6-Inch (152 mm) pliers.