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Guardian 15023 Rapid Deployment Rescue Ladder Kit

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• Designed for raising or lowering a single person
• Maximum working length of 325 feet
• The kit is color coded for simplicity
• Suitable for rescue from lanyards and retractable lifelines
• The kit will work effectively with conscious or unconscious victims

Every second counts when 300 feet above the ground and rescuing a fellow co-worker. The Guardian Fall Protection “Rapid Deployment Rescue Ladder” (R.D.R.L) is an industry first – employing a simplistic approach to a self or assisted rescue. Rope ladders are difficult and create further fatigue on both the rescuer and the fallen victim. The R.D.R.L. is specifically designed and tested for the Wind Energy market. The durable ladder is safe for work positioning while rescuing a victim and its unique ladder standoffs make footholds easier and make self-rescue more likely. The purpose of the R.D.R.L. is to close the loop on safety and give you a reliable option when you need it. The rescue ladder can be deployed in seconds and save the life of a fellow co-worker and reduce the exposure of rescue personnel.