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  • Freud Diablo FB-006 7/8" Forstner Bit
SKU: Freud FB-006

Freud Diablo FB-006 7/8" Forstner Bit



• (1) Forstner Bit

• For drilling straight, angled and overlapping holes in all kinds of wood with minimal splintering
• Quality forged construction of high-speed steel, instead of casting, strengthens bit for extended life
• Ultra-sharp spur helps drill an accurate hole and resists "walking" on material being drilled
• Steep-angled, double-ground, razor-sharp serrated edges that slice throughout the rotation of the bit for less splintering and chipping
• Drilled holes are smooth and flat, and create chisel-like curls for fast, clean chip removal

• Diameter: 7/8"
• Length: 3-1/2"
• Shank: 3/8"

7/8" Diablo Forstner Bit