SKU: Aervoe 7340

Aervoe 7340 11 oz All-4 Lubricant (Clean, Penetrate, Lubricate, Protect)



• (1) 11 oz. Multipurpose lubricant

• Silicone free
• Displaces moisture
• Cleans away dirt and grease
• No gummy residue
• Fills microscopic irregularities on surfaces
• Meets Military Spec. #MIL-C-16173D, Group III

• Container Size: 16 oz.
• Net Weight: 11 oz.
• Appearance: Non foaming liquid
• Color: Light Amber
• Odor: Mild - Hydrocarbon
• Applications: machinery, spare parts, nuts, bolts, lawn mowers, weapons, aircraft parts, taps and dies, marine, mining equipment, office machines, sliding doors, and hinges. Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation.
• Benefits: Does not leave a gummy residue like silicone lubes. Lubricates moving and sliding parts with a siliconefree lubricant that won't harm plastics, metal, or insulated parts. Fills microscopic irregularities on surfaces and forms a protective barrier against future corrosion and moisture damage. All-4 features the any-way spray valve that allows aerosol to be applied in either an upright or upside down position.

Clean, penetrate, lubricate and protect – does All-4! Crown All-4 displaces moisture, cleans, penetrates, lubricates, and protects. Low surface tension yields complete penetration and permits the lubricant to travel easily into small cracks and along threaded fasteners. It displaces moisture and penetrates deep to loosen scale and rust on frozen or sticking parts.