SKU: Aervoe 6090

Aervoe 6090 4.5 oz. Prussian Blue High Spot Indicator



• (1) 4.5 oz. Spot indicator

• Indicates high spots on surfaces
• Significantly reduces timely level checks
• Identify points of interference that cause heat and wear
• Easily removed with #6095 Toolmaker’s Ink Remover

• Container Size: 6 oz.
• Net Weight: 4.5 oz.
• Appearance: Leaves a Prussian Blue tacky coating behind.
• Benefits: This product is packaged in the preferred aerosol manner for ease of use by machinists. Formulated to provide a very thin coating on the substrate to be matched, for ease of high spot identification and clean up. Using this product will significantly reduce the amount of time required to ensure that bearings, shafts and housings do not have points of interference which will reduce heat and wear resulting in a longer life of the component.
• Uses: On metal surfaces that are matched in shape to another for reduced wear and heat that would otherwise result from friction. Quick identification of high spots allows for rapid corrections and assembly, a savings of time and money.

For quick identification of high spots on surfaces and for mating components in assembly operations. Aervoe's Crown Prussian Blue High Spot Indicator is formulated to provide visual identification of high spots prior to component assembly.