SKU: Aervoe 2811

Aervoe 2811 12 oz. Tan Stencil Cover Up Ink



• (1) 12 oz. Cover up ink

• A fast-drying cover-up ink saves boxes
• Dry to touch in 3 minutes; allows for fast handling in production lines
• Complete coverage in one application
• Will not smear or smudge
• Hot or cold applications
• Waterproof
• Excellent outdoor color retention
• Apply to virtually any porous or non-porous surface
• Matched to Fed Std. 595 colors
• Meets MIL-A-A-208A

• Container Size: 12 oz.
• Net Weight: 12 oz.
• Benefits: Stencil Ink is available in six colors. Cover-up is available in tan only. Both formulas dry in less than five minutes. Stencil Inks match Fed. Std. 595 colors. Formulated to meet MIL-A-A-208A specifications.
• Uses: Use in steel mills, production lines and shipping docks whenever marking, stenciling or covering of old markings is required. Can be applied to a variety of porous and nonporous surfaces including wood, metal, glass, corrugated boxes and masonry. Fast-drying aspect allows for fast handling in production lines
• Applications: corrugated boxes, cartons, paper, fabrics, wood, plastics, stone, concrete, asphalt, metals, glass, masonry, wood crates, steel coils, fiber or steel drums, and lumber.

Fast-drying, highly opaque coatings are formulated for industrial, commercial, or institutional applications where product coding, stenciling, maintenance instructions, color-coding, or covering old markings are required. Provides complete coverage in one application without running or smudging. Excellent outdoor color retention. Leaves a crisp coating that is waterproof and permanent.