Proto tools are heat-forged and nickel-plated, making them tough enough to withstand even the most demanding work environment, from the blast of zero-degree temperatures to the rapid fire pace of the factory floor. They're the top hand tool brand for automotive and industrial workers. In addition, Proto hand tools are made in the USA to ensure the highest quality and most durability in the industry Every Proto tool has gone through rigorous testing to ensure it won’t fail on the job. Plus, they’re ergonomically designed with handles that give you a firm grip and special features that prevent slippage. Shop from allan wrench/hex keys, chisels, clamps, gauges, hammers and striking tools, inspection, knives, master sets, nippers, snips, scissors, pliers, pry bars, pullers and puller sets, screw drivers, sockets, strippers and cutters, wrenches.

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