Greenlee Pulling

Shop from hundreds of Greenlee cable pulling machines and accessories. The Greenlee Ultra Tugger series are rated up to 10,000 lbs of pulling force and can be extended to pull out a 20ft tail. Greenlee tuggers are self contained with one-person setup and advanced safety features. The new G3, 3,000 lb tugger will perform up pulls, down pulls, and side pulls, and requires only a two minute setup. Greenlee 6810 cable feeder features variable speed options to match the speed of the pull, two drive motors, and will pull low friction cable. Shop from 6000 series super tuggers, basket grips, brushes, mandrels and swabs, cable feeder, cable lube systems, cable puller accessories, cable roller guides, cable tray accessories, double braided rope, grips, hand winch, hook and feeding sheaves, poly pro rope, pulling lube, rope stands, swivels, tray rollers, ultra tuggers

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