SKU: Weatherguard 600-8122L

WeatherGuard 600-8122L Cable/Plumber Van Package, GM Savana, 155" Wheelbase



• (1) Cable/Plumber Van Package, Full-Size, GM Savana, Chevrolet Express, 155" Wheelbase

• Fits Full-Size, 155" wheel base GM Savana and Chevy Express commercial van interiors
• Includes 44" high adjustable cargo van shelving and a mesh van bulkhead
• Custom van organization accessories increase productivity of cable/telecom professionals and plumbers
• Add Model 205-3 All-Purpose Van Roof Rack for a work-ready van
• Additional van products available to create a custom commercial van interior

• Approx. Shipping Weight: 464 lbs
• Approx. Product Weight: 464 lbs
• Style: Plumber
• Trade: Cable/ Plumber
• Vehicle Brand, Model: GM Savana, Chevrolet Express
• Wheel Base: 155"
• Install Time (hours): 6.2
• Roof Height Low: Yes
• Vehicle Type, Full: Yes
• Wheel Base Long: Yes
• Chevrolet Express: Yes
• Ford E-Series: Yes
• GMC Savana: Yes

Designed for plumbers and cable/telecom installers, the Model 600-8122L van package for Full-Size, 155" wheel base GM Savana and Chevrolet Express vans provides adjustable cargo van shelving sized to fit the commercial van interior, a shelf door, a 5 drawer secure storage cabinet, and accessories. It includes a sturdy van bulkhead for maximum protection against shifting loads. Additional van products are available to create a custom van storage solution.