SKU: Voltec TLXUG100

VOLTEC 100' outdoor ext. cord Twist Lock M XUG-F w/ EZ lock



Specifications TLXUG100: 
• Cord Length: 100' 
• Plug Type: T-M-20 • Receptacle Type 5-1R 
• AMPS: 15 
• Watts: 1875 
• Cord: SJTW 
• Part number: 05-01056-015

• Voltec's selection of SJTW cords gives you a cost effective cord option suitable for most applications. 
 • Made with flexible compounds and finely drawn copper conductors. 
• Our 12 Gauge, SJTW all purpose U ground cords come standard with power indicator light molded inside of the receptacle. 
 • These cords offer an additional safety benefit by indicating when the power is on, something that standard non-illuminated extension cords can't do. 
 • All of our SJTW cords stay flexible -40ºF to 140ºF.