SKU: Techniche 6536-RB

Techniche 6536-RB Evaporative Cooling Skull Cap



• (1) Skull Cap

• Made with 100% Cool Mesh for Optimum Airflow
• Tie Fasten on Back for Optimum Fit
• Provides 5-10 Hours of Cooling with HyperKewl Inner Layer
• No Bulging Gels or Harmful Chemical Crystals

HyperKewl Blue Evaporative Cooling Skull Cap is a great combinaton of functional cooling and classic skull cap style. The Patented HyperKewl Cooling Fabric inner layer within the Cooling Skull Cap will activly cool for 5-10 hours keeping the wearer cool and avoiding Heat Stress. Mesh outter layer allows optimum airflow even while wearing a Hard Hat or Bump Cap. Tye fasten on the back allows for comfortable fit. One Size.