SKU: Stanley 92-824

Stanley 92-824 69 Pc Socket Set Black Chrome Laser Etched 1/4", 3/8" Drives SAE/MM



•Meets and exceeds the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications for combination wrenches, sockets, and ratchets. •Floating pawl ratchets are high torque ratchets. •Laser etched sockets provide hi-visibility markings making it easier to read compared to standard marked sockets. •Better corrosion resistance when compared to regular chrome sockets. •2-piece cases allow for lid removal and enable the back case to be used as a drawer tray; an easy reassemble of the lid to the case provides for convenient tool storage travel. •Black chrome sockets provide a sharper appearance. •Includes: 30, 1/4" MaxDrive™ Sockets; 33, 3/8" MaxDrive™ Sockets; 1, 3/8" Pear Head Ratchet Arm; 1, 1/4" Pear Head Ratchet Arm; 1, 3/8" Spark Plug Socket, 5/8"; 1, 3/8" Spark Plug Socket, 13/16"; 1, 1/4" Extension bar, 3"; 1, 3/8" Extension bar, 6"; Blow Molded Case; Color Graphics Sleeve; PVC cover highlighting product.