SKU: Stanley 92-804

Stanley 92-804 30 Pc Socket Set 1/4" Drive SAE/MM



•Featuring MicroTough™ Ratchets and Laser Etched Sockets.
• Meets and exceeds the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications for combination wrenches, sockets, and ratchets.
• MicroTough™ Ratchets have the smallest ratchet head in the industry, providing easier access in tight areas.
• Bi-material rubber handle for better and more comfortable grip.
• Quick release button makes changing sockets faster and easier.
• 72-tooth design ratchets with a 5º swing for access to tight spaces.
• Thumb control directional control for easy transition from forward to reverse.
• Includes: 27, 1/4" MaxDrive™ Sockets; 1, 1/4" Universal Joint; 1, 1/4" Extension bar, 3"; 1, 1/4" Pear Head Ratchet Arm; Blow Molded Case; Lifetime Warranty.