SKU: Stanley 10-189C

Stanley 10-189C Self Retracting Safety Blade Utility Knife



• Durable, all-metal knife body construction.
• Machine screw firmly holds knife body together - Screwdriver required for blade change.
• Contoured handle and textured, die-cast body for slip-resistance.
• Interlocking nose design helps secure blade and helps prevent body separation.
• Comes with hang-hole for adding a wrist strap or lanyard.
• Auto-retracting blade: spring-loaded. Retracts when slide button is released.
• Utility Blades Included (11-987): 1.
• Works with these standard Stanley® utility blades
•(11-911, 11-921, 11-931, 11-961, 11-983).
• Works with these Stanley® ASB utility blades
•(11-937, 11-939, 11-987).
• Recommended for use with 11-987 Round Point Carton Utility Blades.