SKU: Stabila 36520

Stabila 36520 24" Electronic Magnetic Dust and Waterproof IP65 Tech Level and Case



•  Precise slope and angle measurements for metal fabricators, commercial carpenters, plumbers, etc...
•  Fast and accurate readings
•  Dual screens (Front & Top) allow easy viewing from any angle
•  Electronic displays illuminate for easy viewing in low light conditions
•  5 display modes (degrees in 1 or 2 decimal points, percent, feet & inches (rise/run) in decimal, Feet & inches in fractions, and mm/m)
•  Instantly converts measurements to any scale. Rise & run to degrees, degrees to percent, etc...
•  Audible tones for sight free use
•  Simple one button calibration
•  Uses 2 AA batteries
•  Carrying case included