SKU: Sperry CS61200

Sperry CS61200 Breaker Finder Circuit Breaker Finder



Sperry CS61200 Includes:
•  Breaker Finder
•  (1) 9V Battery

Sperry CS61200 Features:
•  Complete unit for tracing switches, outlets, light fixtures, or any live wiring
•  Plug-in transmitter sends distinct signal to locate proper circuit breaker or fuse
•  Unique, patented probe design positively identifies correct circuit
•  Patented 'Smart Meter' technology does not require any dials for adjustment
•  Magnetic back attaches to electrical panels, freeing up hands while testing
•  Compact, snap together design
•  Integrated outlet tester with GFCI test function – verifies correct wiring before tracing circuit
•  When used with CS61200AS accessory kit (sold separately) unit can trace switches, light fixtures and other wiring
•  Integral lead and probe storage