SKU: Miller P950QC-77/S/MGN

Sperian P950QC-77/S/MGN Python Ultra Harness



• Quick Connect Chest Strap Buckle
• Friction Shoulder Strap Buckle
• Quick Connect Leg Strap Buckles
• Removable Waist Belt
• Positioning D-Rings

• Size: Small/Medium

Miller P950QC-77 Python Ultra Harness is designed with patented DuraFlex stretchable webbing that provides greater comfort, increases productivity and improves safety. In addition, the Miller DuraFlex Python Ultra Harness also features cushioned tubular webbing in the shoulder straps to minimize possible discomfort around the neck and shoulders when required to wear a tool belt. Webbing for all Miller Python Ultra Harness models are now protected with Teflon HT an invisible finish that extends Miller Python Ultra harness life up to 25% and provides superior water/oil repellent and protection against grease, dirt and grime.