SKU: Spectra LR50W-DM

Spectra Precision Laser LR50W-DM Laser Receiver with RD20 And Bolt On Dozer Mount



• RD20 Remote Display
• Bolt On Dozer Mount

• 3 detection accuracies
• 360-degree reception angle
• 6 display channels
• 6.75-inch capture height
• Built-in blade tilt and plumb indicator
• Super bright LED indicators
• The touch panel buttons function primarily to select blade-tilt indication, on-grade location, dead band, plumb indication and display brightness. Their secondary functions are laser-beam averaging and laser out-of level warning
• The LR50 laser receiver provides a continuous, absolute laser strike position to precisely measure the actual height deviation from on-grade, giving you the highest accuracy and grade performance
• Shock mounted electronics and tough aluminum polycarbonate housing makes the LR50 protected against knocks and drops

• 2 Year Warranty
• 60 hour battery life
• 6.75 inch laser detection height
• 5 mm Accuracy
• 360-degree reception angle
• Aluminum cast