SKU: Spectra HV302G-2

Spectra Precision Laser HV302G-2 Green Beam Laser Level NiMh Battery, HR150U



• HV302G Interior Laser
• RC402N Remote
• M302 Wall Mount
• Magnetic Target Plate
• Green Laser Glasses
• NIMH Batteries
• HR150U Receiver
• Charger
• Small Case

• Automatic Self Leveling
• Robust design
• Automatic horizontal and vertical self-leveling
• Height of Instrument Alert
• The Spectra HV302G Green Beam Self Leveling Laser is an automatic, self-leveling laser capable of handling a wide variety of horizontal, vertical, and plumb applications
• Ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects, this laser level features high-visibility green beam that is four times more visible than standard red beam lasers
• Rotor vial for easy and accurate vertical plumb setup
• Preset adjustable rotation speed and scan line sizes to fulfill all interior application needs
• High visibility green beam is four times more visible than standard red beam lasers

• 5 Year Warranty
• 1/16" accuracy @100 feet
• Operating Diameter of 2600 feet
• Self Leveling
• IP66
• Survives a drop up to 3 feet onto concrete and tripod tip-overs up to 5 feet
• Self Leveling +/- 5 degrees
• Green Beam
• 90 degree layout