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Spectra Precision Laser HL450 Digital Laser Receiver For Any Rotating Laser


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• The GL720 offers automatic temperature compensation, for the industry's best accuracy over environmental changes, eliminating the need for re-calibration every time the seasons change

• Automatic self-levels to 25 Percent
• Can be used for field tiling applications where tight accuracy and dual grade feature allow for proper drainage for most agricultural jobs
• Grade reverse feature works great for crowning applications for roads and/or sports field jobs without having to realign laser on the crown
• General applications: GC, field tiling, sports field construction, site preparation, trenching, pipe laying, road construction and machine control

Spectra Precision GL720, dual grade laser. An easy-to-learn, easy-to-use one-person grade laser, economical and accurate up to a 3,000 ft diameter. The Axis Grade Range X of -10 to +10 Percent and Axis Grade Range Y of -0.5 to +25 Percent , makes the GL720 ideal for general construction and machine control applications. Packaged with HL700 handheld receiver and rod clamp(3-year "no excuses" warranty on receiver and clamp).