SKU: Spectra GL412N-14

Spectra Precision Laser GL412N-14 Laser Level, CR600 Receiver, And RC402N Remote



• GL412N Grade Laser
• CR600 Laser Machine Display
• C51 Magnetic Mount
• C50 Adapter
• HL760 Receiver
• RC402N Remote
• NiMH Batteries
• Charger
• Small Case

• Automatic Self Leveling
• Robust design
• Single Axis Dial in Grade
• Height of Instrument Alert
• Simplifies level, grade, and vertical alignment setups, the Spectra Precision GL412N Grade Laser delivers reliable and accurate performance in various general construction applications
• Vertical plumb alignment
• Grade Match enables contractors to measure an unknown grade value automatically between two elevation points.
• Dual Axis PlaneLok keeps the laser beam fixed to a receiver in a set position, making it accurate and error free
• Shock Proof ensures this construction laser withstands three feet drop onto concrete

• 5 Year Warranty
• 1/16" accuracy @100 feet
• Operating Diameter of 2600 feet
• Self Leveling
• IP66
• Survives a drop up to 3 feet onto concrete and tripod tip-overs up to 5 feet
• Self Leveling +/- 5 degrees
• Single accurate dial in grade from -10% to 15%
• Automatic Planelok and Grade Match