SKU: Shurtape 205006

Shurtape 205006 MJ 100 Fiberglass Mesh Tape, White, 3in x 150ft



• (18) Rolls

• Professional grade open weave fiberglass mesh drywall tape
• Self-adhering
• Light adhesive on one side for non-slipping
• Width selection provides ample support for mastic coat
• Fabric count - 8 ends by 8 picks for superior strength

• Color: WHITE
• Backing Material: Fiberglass mesh
• Adhesive: Water-based acrylic adhesive
• Adhesion to Stainless Steel: 8 oz/in width
• Elongation: 3.83%
• Tensile (Breaking Strength): 75.5 lbs/in width
• Thickness: 9.0 mils
• Core Size: 3.0"
• Roll Diameter: 3.708IN
• Roll Width: 2.835IN

Open weave fiberglass mesh tape used for reinforcing joints, seams and connections when paint-on mastic is used in HVAC applications, and can also be applied to drywall seams before the application of joint compound. MJ 100 drywall tape is self-adhering and offers superior strength compared to paper.