SKU: Shurtape 110970

Shurtape 110970 PC 668 Outdoor 2" Stucco Duct Tape, Red, 48mm x 55m



• (24) Rolls

• Specialty grade, outdoor cloth duct tape
• 14-day UV-resistant
• Tears straight along width and length
• Holds strong, even to dusty surfaces
• Resists lifting
• Waterproof backing
• Aggressive synthetic/natural rubber blend adhesive
• Made using Polybonded CO-EX TechnologyÂ

• Color: RED
• Backing Material: UV-resistant polyethylene film with a cloth carrier
• Adhesive: Synthetic/Natural rubber blend adhesive
• Adhesion to Stainless Steel: 70 oz/in width
• Elongation: 15%
• Tensile (Breaking Strength): 27.5 lbs/in width
• Thickness: 11 mils
• Service Temperature Range: Up to 200 F
• Core Size: 3.0"
• Roll Diameter: 6.39IN
• Roll Width: 1.88IN

Specialty grade, outdoor cloth duct tape designed specifically for two- and three-step (scratch, brown and finish) stucco processes where the job requires the protective barrier be left in place for the entire application. A co-extruded stucco masking tape, PC 668 is UV-resistant, tears straight and holds strong, even to dusty surfaces, and is engineered to prevent water penetration, lifting, splintering and curling to deliver professional results.