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SKU: SafeWaze FS77325-FR-XXL

Safewaze FS-77325-FR-XXL 2X-Large Fire-Rated Harness



• (1) 2XL Harness

• Size adjustment at chest and legs
• Rated to 700 degrees F
• Passes NFPA 1971/1981 Heat Test and Flame Test Fire
• Nomex cover/Kevlar Core webbing
• Single D-ring

• 1.75" Kevlar Nomex webbing
• High-strength polyester stitching
• Steel hardware
• Weight capacity 420 lbs.

The SafeWaze Pro+ Fire Rated Harness contains Nomex/Kevlar webbing, and is rated to 700F, which makes it an ideal harness for critical fire protection use. The harness passes NFPA 1971/1981 heat and flame tests. The webbing is rated at 7,000 lbs. tensile strength and includes rugged steel hardware and Kevlar stitching.