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Part Number: FINISHPRO42XP UPC:Weight: 4


Senco FINISHPRO42XP Specifications:

•  Height: 11-5/8"(249 mm)

•  Length: 13"(330 mm)

•  Reg. Operating Pressure: 70-120 psig

•  Mode of Operation: Sequential Actuation

•  FASTENER TYPES: 15-Gauge. Brad Head Finishing Nails. 1-1/4"—2-1/2" 4d to 8d. Smooth. Capacity 104

PROJECTS: Baseboard , Cabinets, Case Goods, Caskets,Chair Rail,Decorative Trim, Door & Window Casing , Furniture Trim, Paneling, Finish and Trim

Senco FINISHPRO42XP Features:

•  Thumb Wheel Depth of Drive

•  Stretch Comfort Grip

•  No Mar Pad

•  Never-Lube

•  Magnesium Housing

•  Easy Clear Jam Clearing

•  360 Degree Adjustable Exhaust

Extreme work calls for extreme tools, and the FinishPro® 42XP is this tool! Replacing the work horse FinishPro® 41XP, the FinishPro 42XP has been redesigned with a new long life driver, new mainbody with improved durability, improved trigger ergonomics with reduced trigger reach.

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