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Rust-Oleum 203036 Wb Inverted Orange



• (1) 17 oz. Spray Paint

• The product is 17 oz. Inverted Aerosol Marking Paint - Fluorescent Orange - Fits Marking Wand TV #542-363 Or Marking Pistol TV #542-326.
• Features A Precision Line Spray Tip For Easy To Read Markings
• The product is manufactured in United States
• Marks up to 250% more linear feet than other brands; precision tip-virtually no overspray
• Resists early fading and chalking
• Adheres to hot surfaces; can be sprayed in the cold (to 25 DegreeF)
• Dries in under 5 minute

• Type: Water Based
• Series: M1800 System
• Form: Liquid
• Form: Liquid
• Packing Type: Aerosol Can
• Finish: Semi-Gloss
• Color: Fluorescent Orange

17 Oz Rust-Oleum Brands 203036 Fluorescent Orange Industrial Choice Precision Line Marking Paint, Water-Based. Water-based inverted marking paint, features a precision-line spray tip for easy-to-read bright, vivid markings, for utility, construction, excavation, surveying, landscape, and golf course markings. Best resistance against premature fading. Dries fast and guaranteed to not clog. Use with striping machine or striping wand. USDA acceptable.