SKU: Ridgid 95737

RIDGID 95737 Drum Machine with 5/8" Pigtail and Standard Accessories



Ridgid 95737 Specifications:
• Line Capacity: 3"- 6" Lines, Up to 200 feet
• Drum Capacity: 100' of 5/8" Cable
• Type 115V/60 Hz, Reversible, Universal AC Motor
• Rating 4/10 HP, 285 RPM
• Amps 5.6
• Length 29 1/2"
• Height 43 1/2" (Max)
• Width 18 3/4"

Ridgid 95737 Includes:
• Machine, Standard Accessories and 5/8" x 100' IW Solid Core Cable

Ridgid 95737 Features:
• Patented Cable Control System Causes the drum to slow down when the blade becomes lodged in a blockage.
• Limits potential for cable flipover.
• Direct Drive Design 4/10 HP universal motor and gearbox bear down as torque builds.
• Audible warnings let operator know when blockage is encountered.
• Drum requires no adjustments to stay aligned and tight on drive shaft.
• Easy Maintenance Construction – Separate drum and machine in seconds.
• Inner drum and guide tube remove easily to maintain or replace cable.
• Designed Durable and Stable Low center of gravity frame design and custom kickstand keep machine firmly anchored during operation.
• Rugged, corrosion-resistant polyethylene drum is rust and dent proof.
• Double tubular frame is lightweight and designed for extra strength.
• AUTOFEED and Standard Accessories Powerful feed mechanism is built to last and is easily maintained.
• Autofed, toolbox and selection of cutters included in all models.
• CSA approved.
• Approved to UL standards (NRTLC).