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SKU: Ridgid 40788

RIDGID 40788 SeeSnake microDrain D65S and micro CA-300 System



The microDrain™ Inspection System represents a huge leap forward in small diameter drain inspection technology paired with the durability you expect from RIDGID®. The microDrain System will allow you to quickly inspect places previously unreachable – providing true accessibility, increased efficiency, and reduced job time. The microDrain System is optimized for tight turns while the microReel System allows longer inspections up to 100' due to its more rigid push cable.

• Small Diameter and Tight Turn Radius camera head gets you through many toilet traps and 11/4" lines. Available in 30 and 65 feet.
• Multiple Monitor Compatibility allows you to use the microDrain reel with your SeeSnake monitor or the micro CA-300 Inspection Camera.
• Lightweight and Compact unit allows you to easily stow and carry the camera in your truck and onto the job site providing solutions whenever and wherever you need them.
• Small diameter with tight turns, 1-1/2" to 3" P-Traps, toilet traps for lines up to 65 feet.

• Camera Head: 0.86" (22 mm)
• Cable Length: 65' (20 m)
• Cable Diameter: 0.33" (8.3 mm)
• Line Capacity: 1" – 3" (25 mm – 76 mm)
• Weight: 9.8 lbs. (4.4 kg)
• Length: 13.25" (33.7 cm)
• Width: 6.6" (16.8 cm)
• Height: 17.5" (44.5 cm)
• Resolution: 510 x 496 NTSC
• Ball guide: 2 Included
• Sonde: 512Hz